Mission: Asian Food

So it seems odd that my first few posts would take place halfway around the world and not in NYC, especially considering that The Bold Appetite’s sole purpose is to share food, restaurants, experiences, tips and tricks of New York and all that surrounds it. But I guess in order to understand why I made the decision to start in Asia you need to understand a little bit about me.

Growing up in Queens, once a month (sometimes twice), my mother would order Chinese food. Im not referring to the good legit authentic stuff… no I’m talking about the shitty Chinese take out from restaurants with that questionable “C” rating. You know the kind you can only truly get in the tri-state area (FYI I am a beef and broccoli girl). I grew up watching the food network religiously, and flipped through my mother’s old cookbooks as if it they were action-packed novels.

Fast forward to college I lived in the city where I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, living off of money I saved from a summer retail job. Needless to say I had no money. It was there that I realized my one and only talent… the ability to cook anything. With not enough money to continuously order take out I was forced to patron the sketchy supermarket at the corner and cook 95% of my meals. Cooking became my outlet, while others I knew cooked boxed pasta and canned sauce I ventured far from my comfort zone cooking every cuisine I could imagine (and some weird fusions).

Today I have a well paying stable job and look back at my college years at some of the more questionable meals I made such as chicken wrapped in bacon and Mexican lasagna. So much has changed and at the same time stayed the same, I still cook a huge chunk of my meals, I buy cookbooks like their collectables, and I still order beef and broccoli however I have upped intake from once a month to once a week. With all that has changed over the years food continues to be my first love, so when my fiancĂ© at the time asked me where I wanted to go on our honeymoon the first thing I thought was what do I want to eat….and thus we went to Asia.

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