Chatuchak & Khlong Lat Mayom Markets

Its nearly impossible to search “Things to do in Bangkok” without coming up with a result that says “visit a market”. Whether its a floating market, night market, or even the ever famous Chatuchak Weekend Market Thailand’s markets put NYC’s to shame.

Below I recapped (in photos) the 2 markets I had the opportunity to venture.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

35 acres, 26 sections, over 15,000 stalls. If you could think it, the Chatuchak Weekend Market has it, everything from fashion, antiques, art, and of course… food. Come early and hungry, we roamed the market for 8 hours and still didn’t see it all. I won’t kill you with text, instead I will let the photos speak for themselves.


This was disappointing…. those colorful cups of frosting was actually soap. So misleading….

Mystery balls???

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

So this isn’t the type of floating market you see in photos (Damnoen Saduak being the most popular), there is no boat traffic and the majority of the commerce occurs on dry land. Khlong Lat Mayom is one of Bangkok’s closer markets and 90% dedicated to food (exactly why I went). There are opportunities to take boat rides to smaller markets however the majority of your time will be spent on your feet eating your way through the multiple rooms. Compared to┬áChatuchak the food was more authentic and there was much more variety, in addition the mysterious rotting meat smell was non existent.

MMMMMMM squid.

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